If you love to grow plants from seed this is the category for you with some gorgeous seeds from Europe and from my own garden.  If there are any seeds you desperately want please email me at and I'll do my utmost to source them for you.

I love growing things from seed and have a lot of experience with tricky germination.  If you are having trouble germinating a special treasure please don't hesitate to ask me to grow them for you, I'd love to!

Note:  I will be adding seed varieties in the very near future.

Ammi majus ''Graceland'' Queen Anne's Lace SEEDS
Anchusa capensis ''Blue Angel'' SEEDS
Antirrhinum ''Rocket Mix'' SEEDS
Broad Bean ''Nelson Heirloom Red'' SEEDS
Campanula medium ''Canterbury Bell'' Single Blue SEEDS
Campanula medium ''Canterbury Bells'' Double Mixed SEEDS
Campanula medium ''Canterbury Bells'' Single Pink SEEDS
Carrot ''Laguna'' SEEDS
Cheiranthus  allionii ''Siberian Wallflower'' SEEDS
Cheiranthus (Wallflower) ''Sugar Rush Primrose'' SEEDS
Cheiranthus (Wallflower) ''Sugar Rush Purple Bi-Colour'' SEEDS
Cheiranthus (Wallflower) Sugar Rush ''Red'' SEEDS
Cleome ''Queen Mix'' - Spider Flower SEEDS
Cosmos ''Double Click Bi-Colour Rose'' SEEDS
Cosmos ''Double Click Cranberry'' SEEDS
Cosmos ''Double Click Mix'' SEEDS
Cosmos ''Double Click Rose Bonbon'' SEEDS
Cosmos ''Double Click Snow Puff'' SEEDS
Cosmos bipinnatus ''Cupcake Mix'' SEEDS
Cosmos bipinnatus ''Purity'' SEEDS
Cosmos bipinnatus ''Seashells Mix'' SEEDS
Cosmos bipinnatus ''Sensation Mix'' SEEDS
Cynoglossum amabile ''Chinese Forget-Me-Not'' SEEDS
Delphinium grandiflorum ''Summer Blues'' SEEDS
Dianthus ''Dynasty Double Mix'' SEEDS
Dianthus barbatus ''Dash Magician'' SEEDS
Dianthus barbatus ''Sweet Black Cherry'' SEEDS
Dianthus barbatus ''Sweet Coral'' SEEDS
Dianthus barbatus ''Sweet Mix'' SEEDS
Dianthus barbatus ''Sweet Purple White'' SEEDS
Dianthus barbatus ''Sweet White'' SEEDS
Echium ''Cottage Charm'' SEEDS
Escholtzia californica ''Ballerina Mix'' SEEDS
Escholtzia californica ''California Poppy'' - SEEDS
Escholtzia californica ''Milky White'' SEEDS
Escholtzia californica ''Purple Gleam'' SEEDS
Geum borisii SEEDS
Godetia ''Showcase Mix'' SEEDS
Hesperis matronalis ''Alba'' Sweet Rocket SEEDS
Hesperis matronalis ''Sweet Rocket'' SEEDS
Hollyhock ''Chaters Double MIx'' SEEDS
Hollyhock ''Ebony Towers'' SEEDS
Hollyhock ''Spring Celebrities Mixed'' SEEDS
Hollyhock ''Summer Carnival Mixed'' SEEDS
Iris ensata ''Rose Queen'' SEEDS
Larkspur ''Tall Imperial Mixed'' Seeds
Lettuce ''Tan Tan'' - Cos/Romaine SEEDS
Linum perenne - Flax Flower SEEDS
Lunaria annua ''Honesty'' SEEDS
Lunaria annua ''Sissinghurst White'' HEIRLOOM SEEDS
Lupin pilosus ''Blue Admiral'' SEEDS
Matthiola incana ''White Perennial Stock'' SEEDS
Nemophila ''Penny Black'' SEEDS
Nigella damascena ''Persian Jewels'' (Love-in-The-Mist) SEEDS
Nigella papillosa ''African Bride'' SEEDS
Nigella papillosa ''Curiosity'' SEEDS
Nigella papillosa ''Midnight'' SEEDS
Orlaya grandiflora ''White Lace'' HEIRLOOM SEEDS
Papaver rhoeas  ''Shirley Poppy Double Mix'' SEEDS
Papaver rhoeas ''Amazing Grey'' Shirley Poppy SEEDS

Pea ''Oregon Giant Snow'' SEEDS

Pea ''Oregon Giant Snow''


Salpiglossis sinuata ''Royale Chocolate'' SEEDS
Salvia horminum ''Blue Monday'' - Annual Clary Sage SEEDS
Salvia horminum ''White Swan'' - Annual Clary Sage SEEDS
Scabiosa atropurpurea ''Black Knight'' SEEDS
Scabiosa atropurpurea ''Fire King'' SEEDS
Scabiosa atropurpurea ''Imperial Mix'' SEEDS
Scabiosa atropurpurea ''Oxford Blue'' SEEDS
Scabiosa atropurpurea ''Salmon Queen'' SEEDS
Scabiosa atropurpurea ''Snow Maiden'' SEEDS
Stock ''Beauty of Nice Mixed'' Seeds
Stock ''East Lothian'' SEEDS
Stock ''Hot Cakes Mix'' SEEDS
Stock ''Vintage Mix'' SEEDS
Sweet Pea ''Mammoth Mix'' SEEDS
Sweet Pea ''Melody Bicolour Mix'' - SEEDS
Sweet Pea ''Royal Choice Lavender'' SEEDS
Sweet Pea ''Royal Choice Mid-Blue'' SEEDS
Sweet Pea ''Royal Choice Mix'' SEEDS
Sweet Pea ''Royal Choice Rose-Pink'' SEEDS
Sweet Pea ''Royal Choice Scarlet'' SEEDS
Sweet Pea ''Unwins Master Mix'' SEEDS
Sweet William ''Tall Mixed'' SEEDS
Trachelium caeruleum ''Lake Michigan Alba'' SEEDS
Trachelium caeruleum ''Lake Michigan Blue'' SEEDS
Trachelium caeruleum ''Lake Michigan Violet'' SEEDS
Zaluzianskya capensis ''Midnight Candy'' Night Phlox SEEDS
Zinnia ''Benary's Giant Bright Pink'' SEEDS
Zinnia ''Benary's Giant Coral'' SEEDS
Zinnia ''Benary's Giant Deep Red''
Zinnia ''Benary's Giant Lilac'' SEEDS
Zinnia ''Benary's Giant Lime'' SEEDS
Zinnia ''Benary's Giant Scarlet'' SEEDS
Zinnia ''Benary's Giant White'' SEEDS
Zinnia ''Bennarys  Giant Mix'' SEEDS
Zinnia ''Oklahoma Mix'' SEEDS
Zinnia ''Preciosa White'' SEEDS
Zinnia ''Profusion Double Deep Salmon'' SEEDS
Zinnia ''Profusion Double Mixed'' SEEDS
Zinnia ''Pumila Mix'' SEEDS
Zinnia ''Queen Lime'' SEEDS
Zinnia ''Uproar Rose'' SEEDS
Zinnia ''Zahara Double Brilliant Mix'' SEEDS
Zinnia Preciosa ''Light Yellow'' SEEDS
Zinnia Preciosa ''Pink'' SEEDS
Zinnia Preciosa ''Red'' SEEDS
Zinnia Preciosa ''Rose'' SEEDS
Zinnia Preciosa ''Yellow'' SEEDS
Zinnia Zahara ''Double Raspberry Ripple''