Meconopsis x sheldonii ''Lingholm''




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This absolutely scrumptious form of the sought-after Himalayan Poppy is more vigorous than its other blue cousins such as M. baileyi or betoncifolia and is more likely to be truly perennial in cooler climates such as the lower South Island.  I've grown it successfully here in my garden but have only managed to get it to last one more season after flowering so far (I'm working on that).  I'm very happy to be able to offer stocks of this totally gorgeous creature for Spring 2023 (I want to make sure the crowns are strong before releasing them.  As they don't flower for 2-3 years from seed you will get lots of pleasure watching them grow from next Spring onwards.  Its foliage is a lovely olive green/blue grey with lots of tiny hairs on it - very attractive in its own right and the flowers are large, medium blue with stunnning gold stamens.  Best in partial shade in soil that is well drained but that doesn't dry out too much in Summer - mulching heavily (but keeping it away from the crown) will help to ensure they survive the summer.  One of the secrets of longevity is to cut the flower head off as soon as it drops its petals - it will put energy back into the crown instead of trying to set seed.  Average soils but loves plenty of leaf mould.  80cm (when in flower) by 30cm approximately.