Onions ''Egyptian Walking''




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Egyptian Walking Onions are incredible creatures!  I am SO excited to be able to offer this very special perennial onion - it's highly sought after and invaluable in the kitchen garden for so many reasons.  Every part of this beauty is edible - the onions that form at the base, the green stems which I use instead of spring onions year-round and also the bulbils that form at the top instead of flowers.  This onion forms a good sized clump very quickly and bulbils form in summer.  As they become larger the stems bend down to the ground - if left to their own devices the bulbils will hit the soil and grow, hence 'walking'.  You can also harvest them when they are fully mature (covered in brown skin) and propagate new plants by placing the mature bulbils into cutting mix or pumice - roots form in no time.  A very definite must-have!  Sun, well-drained soil.  1m x 60cm approximately

To read all about these gorgeous onions copy and paste:  https://www.egyptianwalkingonion.com