Pulsatilla vulgaris ''Violet Bells'' - Pasque Flower




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Pulsatillas are one of the most beautiful Spring perennials.  The flowers appear before the stunning fern-like foliage.  Gorgeous (have to be touched) silky buds open to reveal rich violet cup-shaped flowers with prominent yellow stamens.  As the flowers mature they change to a star-shape.  The seed heads are almost as beautiful as the flowers and much admired.  It takes a while for them to become fully established but eventually they form compact mounds of foliage that remains right into the Autumn. 

Pulsatilla love cool or cold climates (i.e. frosts in winter) so may not be suitable for very humid areas.  Full sun, well-drained soil.  Perfect for rockeries and raised beds.  Winter dormant.  20cm x 20cm approximately.